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film, Laufzeit: 80 Min, Genre: Thriller
No body, no witnesses, no hard evidence. Yet Susan Neil-Fraser has spent 26 years in prison for the murder of her partner of 18 years, Bob Chappell. This documentary re-opens the contentious case, in a scintillating quest for answers and justice, bringing to light key details of the story left unresolved in the flawed investigation conducted by the Tasmanian police. With no conclusive evidence, just how did the jury reach a verdict beyond reasonable doubt? On the morning after Australia Day in 2009, a yacht moored just off land on Tasmania's Derwent River was discovered half-submerged, with evidence of sabotage. Bob Chappell, who was last seen on board by his partner Sue the previous evening, was missing. What followed was not only a revelation of suspicious events surrounding Bob's disappearance, but also a highly suspect police investigation and court trial, relying on dubious evidence as the examination turned upon the single suspect of Sue as his murderer. An intriguing and compelling insight into one of the most alarming legal cases in recent Australian history.
Original Titel Shadow of Doubt
Genre Thriller
Altersfreigabe ab 16
Veröffentlicht 1935
Hauptdarsteller Virginia Bruce , Arthur Byron , Ricardo Cortez , Constance Collier , Isabel Jewell , Betty Furness
Regisseur George B. Seitz
Drehbuch Keine Angabe
Produziert von Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Sprache Deutsch
Stichworte Keine Angabe
Angelegt 2015-11-20