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film, Laufzeit: 99 Min, Genre: Drama, Thriller, Lovestory, Krimi
Teenage twins Marcie & Mikey are inseparable, though she's unaware that Mikey's been sneaking out to meet girls. On the day of Marcie's important race Mikey is hit by a car, and killed. The next morning Marcie wakes to find the house in mourning, and the family begins ‘Nine Night’, a Caribbean ceremony to help the dead and the living to cut ties. Marcie's dismissive, maintaining her brother is still alive, reminding them when Mikey cut his leg, she ‘felt pain in the same leg!’ As Mikey's secret life emerges, Marcie, consumed with jealously, searches for him, seeking answers. She starts to hear his whisper when half asleep, feels his presence close by. Then one night she sees him in the flesh. Very much alive! Though confused as to where he’s been, Michael resolves to return home. But as the Nine Nights count down, Marcie grows fed up of waiting and unearths a shocking secret linked to her family. Now Marcie must decide whether she's willing pay the ultimate price to be with her brother, so triggering a tug of war, which pits brother against sister, and threatens to tear the Haines family apart.
Original Titel Nine Nights
Genre Drama Thriller Lovestory Krimi
Altersfreigabe ab 12
Veröffentlicht 2020
Hauptdarsteller Mary Nyambura , Jo Martin
Regisseur Orlan Harris
Drehbuch Keine Angabe
Produziert von Limetale Pictures
Sprache Deutsch
Stichworte Keine Angabe
Angelegt 2022-03-09