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Missionary - stream

film, Laufzeit: 90 Min, Genre: Drama, Thriller
Katherine Kingsmen is a hard working single mother. She knows that the most important thing in the world to her eleven year old son Kesley is to make the school football team. Two missionaries, Elder Brock and Whitehall, come to KatherineЉ—Иs home one afternoon as she and Kesley are practicing football passes. Brock and Whitehall see KatherineЉ—Иs determination to help her son and offer to spend time with Kesley to prepare him for the tryouts. Katherine is thrilled to have their help and begins to realize that she has a strong attraction to Brock. As they spend more time together, Katherine and Brock become more romantically involved. Katherine becomes conflicted over her new relationship and her feelings for KesleyЉ—Иs father, Ian, who would still very much like to reconcile and bring their family back together again. When Brock realizes that Katherine may still have feelings for KesleyЉ—Иs father, he become more possessive and sees Ian as a threat. Unknown to Katherine and the church, Brock has a hidden past that will put all of them in danger. As Katherine digs deeper looking for clues into BrockЉ—Иs lies, she realizes she must find a way to save herself and her son from his obsession.
Original Titel Missionary
Genre Drama Thriller
Altersfreigabe ab 16
Veröffentlicht 2013
Hauptdarsteller Mitch Ryan , Dawn Olivieri , J. Larose , Kip Pardue
Regisseur Anthony DiBlasi
Drehbuch Keine Angabe
Produziert von Keine Angabe
Sprache Deutsch
Stichworte versöhnung, eifersucht, affäre, missionar, trennung
Angelegt 2015-10-22