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Haal-E-Dil - stream

film, Laufzeit: 124 Min, Genre: Drama, Lovestory
Sanjana Sharma, a young girl, is in love with Rohit but the latter’s father does not approve of their relationship and therefore, packs him off to a foreign country. Unable to forget Rohit, Sanjana is trying hard to lead a normal life. She comes across Shekhar who tries all the tricks in the book to woo her. However, Sanjana gives Shekhar a cold shoulder. Much as she would like to, she can’t avoid him because both of them are on their way to Shimla in the same train. Midway, they miss the train and are forced to travel together in a taxi. Finally, Shekhar gives an unrelenting Sanjana seven days to accept him. In these seven days, he vows to stand on the road facing her house, without food or water. Sanjana suddenly discovers herself at the crossroads of life where she has to choose between her perfect love and a perfect stranger.
Original Titel Haal-E-Dil
Genre Drama Lovestory
Altersfreigabe Keine Angabe
Veröffentlicht 2008
Hauptdarsteller Kajol , Ajay Devgn , Amita Pathak , Nakuul Mehta , Adhyayan Suman
Regisseur Anil Devgan
Drehbuch Keine Angabe
Produziert von Keine Angabe
Sprache Deutsch
Stichworte Keine Angabe
Angelegt 2017-01-22